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Investing in Diamonds

TradeIntel Limited generates profits through huge mines of precious stones and metals which the African continent is generously endowed with.

More than 70% of world reserves are concentrated in fifteen African countries, with an annual turnover of diamonds over two billion dollars. Search and development of diamond mines attracted not only large international corporations, but also thousands of intermediaries from related fields such as construction, logistics, stone processing and trade in jewels.

Diamond's Factory
Diamond's Sorting

The most active development of these lines of business is in Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa.

TradeIntel Limited

There are authorized representatives of the company in almost each of these countries.

Diamond mining is our priority, which is the main part of the company's revenues.

TradeIntel Limited is closely associated with the major jewelry houses in Europe, where mined diamonds pass all the stages of processing and cutting, after which their value grows many times.

Among the strengths of the company are direct contracts with largest diamond producing mine and purchasing of precious stones from local miners and intermediaries.

We try to make productive use of all the advantages and significantly reduce the cost of the path from rough diamonds to the finished product.

Uncut 8 CARAT Diamond
6 CARAT Ready Diamond Princess

Despite the rapid development of intermediary business TradeIntel Limited is looking for innovative solutions to start an independent mining in the future.

Africa is now perceived as a region with brilliant prospects. Accustomed to the ultra-fast pace of growth in East Asia, many investors around the world are waiting for something like that here.

And we are doing everything in our power to build a successful business in this area and expand our presence on the African continent.

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